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Leadership Selection / Retained Executive Search

Based on ongoing communication with CEOs and board members, Empire is increasingly sensitive to their roles as these individuals come under heightened scrutiny by investors, regulators, and the general public.

Corporate board performance metrics sustain continuous improvement, which present additional challenges when recruiting superior senior leadership and board members.

The success of Empire’s assessment and selection process rests upon our ability to deliver swiftly on senior level engagements and full participation in the integration phase as the new executive assumes the mantle of leadership.

Our long-term relationships with client companies, built on mutual trust and an adherence to a code of strict confidentiality, enables this transition period to transpire rapidly with minimal disruption of operational and stock market performance.

Succession Planning

With the continued scrutiny from both private investors and public stockholders regarding corporate governance, succession planning is critical to the continued success and sustainability of the enterprise. When making decisions about leadership success, the management team, in coordination with the board of directors, must articulate a clear vision for the business’ future.

Therefore, it is vital that successors, whether in CEO or other “C” level functional roles are both qualified and prepared to lead the business on a go-forward basis in a manner consistent with that vision. For over thirty years, Empire has assisted its clients in preparing for all eventualities, from short-term emergency succession to long-term planned passing of corporate control.

This experience, our deep industry understanding, and access to key leadership through years of market tracking, uniquely qualifies Empire to partner with boards, chief executives, and human resource management as they embark upon the succession process.

Steps in this process include:


- Definition of process

- Delineation of clear, concise vision of organizational goals

- Formulation of short and long term corporate plans

- Definition of specific requirements for new leadership individual

- Measurement of current management team to assess strengths and weakness of internal leadership

- Retained search for new executive

- Transition/integration services and advising

Leadership Selection / Retained Executive Search

Strategic Organizational Alignment

Empire leads change in organizational alignment by performing an initial assessment of internal leadership. Empire’s process in these engagements can be outlined by the following steps:

- Definition of strategy – What are the goals of the organization?

- Development of tactical plan – How does the organization realize these goals?

- Assessment of current resources through proven statistical assessment process – Do we have the right     individuals in the proper roles to effect success of the plan?

Once these actions have been completed, Empire works with its clients to align their human capital with their stated intentions.

Our advisory services can bring a shift in responsibilities for those currently within the organization to improve their ability to contribute to corporate success. Often bringing new leadership talent into the organization can fill gaps left by both these internal moves and the creation of new opportunities based on changing market conditions.

Properly executed, Empire’s involvement with the process can produce alignment change that improves bottom lines, strengthens customer satisfaction, raises employee commitment and enhances their motivation, and allows the organization to attain its stated goals, often at a lower cost due to effective deployment of its human capital.

Empire’s leadership intelligence, developed through years of client engagement experience, can bring a significant improvement in profitability to organizations requiring an internal overhaul of critical executive teams.

Strategic Organizational Alignment

Leadership/Management Team Assessment

In cooperation with senior management’s stated goals, Empire undertakes each assessment engagement with a keen appreciation of the corporate culture. Each member of the team selected for assessment undergoes a cognitively-based evaluation that accurately reflects his or her strengths, weaknesses, and ability to contribute effectively to the organization’s success.

Managers are assessed on their leadership style, motivational and teambuilding abilities, experience, education, and ethical character as part of this examination. This assessment allows senior management to more closely align deployment of corporate human capital with its tactical plan.

By undertaking such engagements, Empire provides added value to its clients by modeling different critical scenarios to allow management to gain an appreciation of the outcomes possible through a reassignment or modification of personal responsibilities within the organization.

Enhanced productivity and profitability result from these assignments, underscoring the significant value of such an assessment.

Leadership / Management Team Assessment

Executive Coaching

Empire’s executive coaching engagements offer organizations the opportunity to maximize the potential of their highly skilled leadership teams.

Often, such coaching assignments result from a management assessment process. Executives needing to reframe their management style or overhaul their role within the organization benefit from Empire’s years of experience and insightful service to client organizations.

Application of diagnostic, personality, and skill assessment tools help executives identify areas for modification and improvement within their professional lives.

Such interventions can significantly improve the manager’s contribution to the organization and result in more fulfilling career accomplishments.

Application of Empire’s proven process helps client organizations avoid costly turnover and guarantee optimal utilization of human capital, the most valuable corporate asset of all

Executive Coaching

Management Development

Why is it that some coaches can take a group of players and mold them into a championship-winning team, while another individual fails miserably with the same group of athletes?

The best answer lies in the fact that a skilled coach, or executive, is capable of articulating a clear vision of a goal, a concise plan to achieve the goal, the personal determination and leadership style that earns the respect of subordinates, and the intangible power to inspire loyalty and fierce devotion among his/her team.

Successful managers are not born, but trained. Some receive this training in an educational setting, but most hone their management skills in the marketplace. Sometimes, however, an executive’s skill set is not completely aligned with the needs of the organization as it seeks to optimize bottom-line results. Adoption of more sophisticated management techniques, through the application of Empire’s management development process, can measurably enhance productivity and streamline operations.

Empire’s process enables clients to derive greater value and results from human assets already in place; the loyalty fostered through this demonstration of corporate dedication to personal development brings immense value to the organization on many levels.

Management Development

Organizational Development

Application of Empire’s organizational development process supports our clients’ commitment not to remain static. In our highly-connected world, market conditions change almost instantaneously; the savvy organization needs a prominent, articulated commitment to the continuous improvement of its human capital.

Empire supports the human resources function within client organizations to guarantee that executive teams work continuously to improve their responsiveness to industry challenges and assume increasingly greater responsibilities within rapidly growing companies.

Empire customizes training processes to positively balance client organizations experiencing these changes. Whether changes need implementation at the individual level or across all functions within an organization, Empire’s skill in fostering dramatic changes can be an effective asset to the overall human resource function

Organizational Development

Measured Integration of Human Performance Management

Empire successfully undertakes client engagements that seek to provide senior management with a better appreciation of its human capital assets. Input from such evaluations can be valuable to management as it determines whether current leaders have skills sets necessary to support continued advancement of current and future corporate objectives. Often, behavioral fine tuning derived through application of Empire’s process brings significant changes in productivity and morale.

Competency based

- Development of custom competency measurements tools

- Grading the managements competencies against job performance expectations

- Integration of “take action” type activities to address any deficiencies

Behavioral based

- Utilize proven tools to evaluate behavior

- Model any need for corrective action

- Develop structured programs to address areas of relative weakness

- Follow-though as necessary to insure that remedial tasks are completed successfully

- Re-assess to track authenticity of new behavioral patterns that support enhanced results for the organization

Statistically Based

- Utilize proven 360 degree measurement tools

- Quantify results and identify areas of concern

- Calibrate specific tasks for each manager address concerns

- Successful implementation of process Follow-through to insure integration of new skills across the organization.

Measured Integration of Human Performance Management
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