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Continuous Improvement Is Not A Concept But A Way Of Life


Empire International is an exclusive worldwide leadership solution consultancy whose network of professional consultants provides targeted organizational assessment, development and enhancement services to clients across a wide range of industries and functions.


Our mission is to ensure that our clients benefit from the superior leadership capital required to conceive and execute their vision for the future. An integral part of the business intelligence community, Empire serves as the cornerstone for acquisition of leadership solutions for its client organizations. The key to our success is our long-term tracking of core industries and knowledge management/leadership intelligence as our clients’ organizations have grown.



Responsiveness is our ability to respond quickly through mobilization of our research department and consultants. Expertise in specific technology applications enables Empire to quickly ramp up our efforts to produce timely, precise results. Membership in various trade and professional organizations bespeaks both industry commitment and intimate familiarity with numerous high-level executives. This network of contacts brings added value to our service as a source of critical, timely industry marketing data and competitive information.


Professionalism. It is to our clients’ advantage to work with professionals who have truly mastered the art of leadership capital development. Empire’s expertise supports its success as a single source solution, from assessment through analysis to development of a robust strategy to address all human capital issues. Tactical plans follow and are executed with rigorous integrity and a commitment to confidentiality that carries through all activities. We sincerely believe that hands-on involvement of experienced professionals is an essential component of our success.

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